I have been a Business Intelligence (Data Science, Data Warehouse, Big Data, Machine Learning) sector specialist since 1995. My knowledge of the market allows me to guide my readers and customers towards a better understanding of the area and towards choosing the right implementation tools and methods. Data and algorithms are the oil of the 21st century. Every business needs to know how to collect, store, analyze and present it. If you have any needs or questions in this area, let’s talk about them!

  • Decideo Founder and Manager, French business intelligence reference website (since 1995) 
    • Editing the articles and interviews with software publishers, business users, and product comparisons published on www.decideo.fr and read by French speakers around the world (France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and North Africa) 
    • Launching the Spanish version in 2013 which covers Spain and all Spanish-speaking countries especially in Latin America www.decideo.com 
    • The Portuguese version covering Brazil, Portugal, and other Portuguese-speaking countries will be launched in 2018 www.decideo.com.br  
  • Founder in 2018 of an international research project : Algorithmic Economy, we will take stock of this trend, valuing the company's intangible assets, data and algorithms.
  • Member of the BBBT (Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust) network of independent analysts created by Claudia Imhoff
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